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Sweet potato & Chicken Shepherd's pie : 400kcal per serving!

Hello hello!
I am back and today I bring you a main course recipe that's just A-MAZING.
It's a small serving (serves 2) but can easily be doubled or tripled!

This healthy & low calorie shepherd's pie tastes amazing as well as is very filling and has only 4 ingredients: 1 large sweet potato, 300g shredded chicken, 50g cheese & 100ml skim milk (or any milk of choice).

It is also very very fast and easy to make to yourself & a loved one or a dinner with friends!

Here's the recipe, happy weekend!

- 1 large sweet potato (±400g);
- 300g shredded chicken;
- 100ml skim milk;
- 50g light cheese;

How to:
1 - Boil the sweet potato until soft (test with a fork) and then (when cool enough to handle) remove the skin;
2 - Put in food processor along with 100ml of skim milk & some (about 1 tsp) garlic powder and salt and process all until smooth;
3 - Make a layer on the bottom of the tray with the mash, add all shredded cooked chicken on top of that, top with the rest of the mash & some low fat cheese and put in the oven pre-heated at 350F for just 5 minutes or until the cheese is melting/brownish & EAT!

Serves 2, per serving: 
57g Carbs
5g Fa
34g Protein

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