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25kcal & 3 ingredient flourless Chocolate Peanut Butter chip cookies: feels SO chocolat-y!

Hello hello guys!

I know that on my last post I promised you this:

But I changed my mind and today I want to share something else with you. This:

Flourless chocolate peanut butter chips cookies
Yes you read right, flourless.
As in, with no flour or substitutes of any kind.

I personally am a big big fan of cookies and chocolate chip and chocolate chunk and everything cookies but I just get annoyed that they have such high caloric density that I can only eat one and not 22 like I want to.

These are not your typical cookies but are just as chocolaty, tasty, deep and amazing, I loved them (and ate about 11 of them) and so did my family (they ate the rest).

They have no butter, no oil, no fat and no flour, period. They consist of main 3 ingredients: sugar (aka Sweetener in my house), cocoa powder & egg whites.
They're also fast and easy to make and the chocolate flavor just erupts in your mouth when you first try them. I added in peanut butter baking chips but only because I like peanut butter in everything, you can add plain chocolate chips or nothing at all.

Here goes the recipe:

3 ingredient Flourless chocolate peanut butter chip cookies!

Makes just about 30 small ones :)

- 2 cups powdered sugar (ou 1 1/2 cups Stevia sweetener + 10g cornstarch turboed together on a food processor);
- 3/4 cup cocoa powder;
- 4 egg whites (ou 1/2 cup packaged egg whites);
- 1 tbsp vanilla extract:
- 3 tbsps Reese’s peanut butter baking chips;
- 1/2 tsp salt

- Pre-heat the oven to 375ºF;
- Prepare two baking trays (lining them with parchment paper or greasing them);
- In a large bowl whisk together sugar (or sweetener + cornstarch mix), cocoa and salt;
- Add in vanilla and egg whites and mix until batter is very well mixed and moist (it’ll be  thick);
- Add in baking chips and mix well again until they are evenly distributed;
- Use a tbsp to place batter in trays leaving enough room in between each one (I’d suggest about 1”);
- Bake for about 10 minutes or until cookies look a bit cracked on top (feel them: if them feel soft but though they’re done!);
- Let cool completely before removing from tray and eating all of them!

Nutritional info (remember: numbers are rounded up and nutrition changes with brands and etc):
27 kcal
3g Carbs
1g Fat
2g Protein

Try them out and tell me how you feel about them!
Tomorrow I promise to give you the recipe for the yummy burgers I promised yesterday :-)


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