sábado, 4 de janeiro de 2014

A little intro to who I am and what I am doing here!

Hi and welcome to my blog, more specifically to my first post!

My name is Luísa Fonseca and I am the writer behind Cooking with Lu. I am a 21 year old musician and cooking & fitness enthusiast who lives in Lisbon, Portugal (in a tini tiny corner of Europe).

This is me (with a very large tray of chocolate covered strawberries I made for my mom's birthday dinner a while back):

I always cooked every now and then not very seriously and not following recipes nor anything, but recently started taking cooking more "seriously" (if that is even possible!).
I like making all kinds of dishes & deserts and I always try to make them a little healthier then they are because I do care about what I eat and about my fitness.

I am completely new to blogging and have actually no idea of how this works and of what to do, but will do my best to catch up quickly!

I hope you have fun following me and my culinary journeys and would love to hear feedback from you guys :)

With love,
Luisa *

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