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Mozzarella stuffed homemade chicken burgers

Back again today with a recipe for a main dish that's just... YUM!

It's packed full of protein, very low in carbs (as in 0 carbs) and calories (about 230kcal for a fairly large burger) and super duper tasty so that it has become one of my favorite recipes hands down!
It's fairly easy to make and doesn't take a lot of time, it just needs you to be willing to get your hand dirty :-)

It consists only of chicken breasts and mozzarella cheese so there are not a lot of ingredients nor are they hard to find.

Here goes the recipe, give it a try and let me know it you enjoyed it!

Mozzarella stuffed chicken burgers

Makes just about 9 big ones :-)

- 4 large chicken breasts;
- 2 low fat mozzarella cheese balls cut into medium width slices;
- 2 tsp of Cayenne pepper;
- 2 tbsp garlic powder;
- 1 tbsp salt & 1 tbsp white pepper;

How to:
- In a food processor place chicken breasts and all the seasonings and blend until it has become a big ball of protein goodness;
- Grab a little chicken (I’d say about 1 ice cream scoop) and with your hand form a little ball and flatten it. Then place one of the cheese slices and then grab another measure of chicken and shape the burger until the cheese is covered thoroughly (TIP: flat burgers cook faster and better);
- Repeat until you are out of chicken & cheese;
- Heat pan at medium heat with non-stick cooking spray and place burgers, letting them cook very well before removing (I’d say at least 10 minutes each side).

Done! Enjoy the cheese goodness when you slice into them :D

Nutritional info (1 burger = approx. 150g chicken breast + ±40g mozzarella cheese):
0g Carbs
6g Fat
41g Protein

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